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Our sales team supports you right from the start to guarantee the best success of your project. 

With an experienced engineering team in the background, Procedes has the capacity to serve you with initial visualisations, support you with installation guides or develop customized connection parts.

Our workflow tool allows us to track and trace your order right from the start to serve you with real-time information regarding your project.

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A proper Prepress-Workflow is crucial when it comes to on-time delivery. We at Procedes have an automated preflight of your data to give you a feedback on resolution, dimensions or other problems threatening the success of your project.

To support your work we offer the following services:

  • Samples Prints

  • Proofs on the large format printers

  • Layout work

  • Correction Work

  • Creation of Cut Paths

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Large Format Printers are the core of our company. With a maximum width of 5 metres there are almost no restrictions to your graphics.

Besides the approved UV-Printing we are invested into latex and dye-sub-printing. With a maximum of 5 meters widht we are one of only a few European suppliers of high quality and brilliant dye-sub prints in these dimensions.

Amongst other system we print on the following LFPs :

  • UV-Roll-to-Roll-Printers:

    • Durst Rho 512R

    • Canon Colorado 1650

  • Dye-Sublimation-Printers: 

    • Durst Rhotex 500​

    • Durst Rhotex 325

  • UV-Flatbed-Printers:

    • EFI Vutek HS100​

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In 2015 Procedes started with cutting-edge 3D-Printing. Addaptive Manufacturing Technologies allow us to produce small badges of highly customized connector, prototypes or other parts in a short time and cost efficient.

We invested in the common Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) as well as into laser-based Stereolithografy (SLA). Therefore we always are able to meet your quality expectations.

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Last year we processed about 300 metric tons of aluminium inhouse. To meet the high speed expectations of our market we invested into a high production depth.

Our extrusions are all engineered inhouse. This allows us to serve you the right quality by sawing, milling or water jetting.

With our regional partners we can garantuee short delivery times even on powder coated or painted extrusions.

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Together with our inhouse logistics partner we want to keep our promise that no event starts without graphics from Procedes. Therefore we have a highly specialized team that is available 24/7 to ship your projects.

Amongst other services we offer the following:

  • Labelling of parcels and produts with your relevant project information

  • Track & Trace of all orders via web application

  • National & international  express delivery & air freight competence

  • Fast Customes due to our privileged supplier status

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It is our mission to serve you from end-to-end: right from the start of your project untill the end of installation. Therefore we offer you an expert team of installation worldwide.

On demand we also offer supervision or inhouse training for your staff.

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Procedes Chenel Beilken Digital Printing is the leading company for large format prints, textile archictecture and aluminium constructions.

Since 1990 our 240 employees are happy to serve our customers in the exhibition and event market, in Retail and Point-of-Sale-Applications and Interior Design.

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