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Raw materials

Our ambitious goal is to replace all textiles containing PVC with more sustainable alternatives by the end of 2021. Under this premise, we rely on recyclable polyester and try to avoid composites.


Digital production processes ensure a minimization of waste and reduction of rejects. 

In the printing process we only rely on solvent free inks. C02 reduction and lowering energy consumption is a permanent objective.


More than 82% of textiles used by Procedes can be recycled. In order to avoid unnecessary CO2 pollution through return transports, we provide resources to our customers in order to optimize the direct transfer of used materials for recycling.


Through strategic cooperation of rental systems for our aluminum profiles, we reduce the annual consumption by up to 20%. Reusability and the possibility of recycling makes aluminum an ideal raw material for us.

Supply chain

Aspects of sustainability are at the forefront of our supplier selection process.  We consider ecological, social and economic factors. We are already pioneers having developed partnerships with sustainable textile manufacturers and bundling logistics processes to avoid unnecessary transport.

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